Friday, February 19, 2010

Where Has Sheepshots Gone?

Been away from the blog for over a week (closer to two, really) because I have been very, very busy. (Or lazy. You be the judge.) I had planned to break this into several posts, making my Regular Readers think that I had posted, they had just missed reading.

I decided to start a Knitting Olympics project, and even though it's supposed to be a challenge, the challenge will be in getting it finished. Despite non-stop knitting on this Blanket From Hell (complete with serious mistake deviation from the printed pattern), I am at 45% and counting. The closing ceremonies are on the 28th. That's more than a week away. Will Sheepie make it? I started late. Does that count?

This is a fair entry and I hope to add a sweater and hat to the mix, but there will need to be some serious math to get the yarn I am using (Patons Decor) to coperate with the pattern I want to use.

Stay tuned.

We had company!

Tiny Prince in his Christmas sweater. Isn't he a handsome boy?

This shot was taken right before they packed up the car to head home. Snow was predicted (but didn't materialize), so plans stayed in a state of flux right up to the very last minute.

Even so, there was almost an immediate return trip for forgotten items, but Daddo and I found a box and took them to the Post Office. They should be at the Tiny Prince's house by now.

We had a lot of fun!

Tiny Prince helped with cooking. We baked some blueberry muffins (from a mix) that were a big hit.

Can't wait to taste them!

(Actually, for "from a mix," they weren't all that awful.)

Mammo's ball winder got a workout as the Tiny Prince rewound a lot of yarn into new pull skeins

Now, if he could just keep "clockwise" turning. . .

We found a prince-sized mop in the garage (I use it to clean bathroom floors--it fits better behind things than the regular mop.

It got a workout, too. The Tiny Prince loves to help.

After a hard day, a fellow needs his bath!

And some hand cream for those dishpan hands.

Then into jammies and hop on the bus to Dreamland.

Bears, too.

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The Tiny Prince is well worth waiting for. He is more handsome every time we see him.
I loved the photo diary of the TP's visit. He is adorable! And getting bigger every time we see him.
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