Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weaving Along

Here's the first Finished Object from my loom for 2010. I used Patons Classic wool in Denim Marl and Burgundy for the warp and Denim Marl alone for the weft.

Then, following Liz Gipson's directions in Weaving Made Easy, I fulled the finished scarf, creating an even, dense, but still drapey fabric.

The ends were finished with a twisted fringe before fulling, instead of a cut fringe after. Once it's dry, I'll probably trim the individual fringes shorter (they're about 5" right now and kind of wonky).

Each time I weave and finish I learn something. In this case, I finally have the right reed (8-dent) for the yarn weight. Next time out, I will weave a deeper header. The footer (header on the finishing up end) was a nice depth and helped hold everything together properly.

I really like what a trip through the washer did for this scarf.

I have several cones of chenille that I bought to make into hand towels. I believe that will be my next project.


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