Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let It Snow (somewhere else)

Gee, that was fun (NOT!)

The Other Half thought that pictures were in order, so he came outside with the camera and started snapping away.

My glasses were so snow spotted that I didn't notice right away.

This is a shared chore. We have a fairly long, 2-car wide driveway. We were being very thankful today that 1) the driveway's paved (it wasn't when we moved in) and 2) we have Sarah (our snow blower, named after someone we'd like to see with her face mashed. . .nevermind).

For a while, the snow was deep enough on the roof that it blocked TV reception.

That has resolved as the winds picked up and started blowing the snow away.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Lawn furniture was covered when the sun came up.

The Monty meter is also completely snowed over. (Monty is our garden gnome--the fool, Monty, get it?)

It's so deep in the back yard that the squirrels don't have to climb the pole to get into the bird feeder.

The feeders are now at "ground level."

Is it spring yet?


Are you sure?

Look again, please.

Yep, pretty close to 2' and still coming down at a rate of 2" every hour. Snow is supposed to taper off tonight around 8. I can't wait.

Please note color coordinated plow, pants, jacket and boots! This was not planned.


I'm assuming it generated some snow days, however, right?

We only got about 10" here, not enough for any days off.
If I mention SD will I be harping?
But it's soooo purty!
and we're all thankful that we still have power, water, etc.

I wrote a bit about the Cheyenne River Reservation and their long spell without those things on my blog yesterday (

I'm already knitting away on this year's mittnz!
I'm so happy to be vacationing in Key West. No snow. And guess who was in the local knit shop today, Franklin Habit of "It Itches" and other famous things. Zowie!
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