Friday, February 26, 2010

Delayed Opening

The Snowicane (or whatever they are calling this one) caused delayed opening at my workplace (mostly so that parking areas can be cleared).

That extra time today afforded me an opportunity to warp my Flip.

I am redoing an earlier scarf (the one that got "over felted" in the washer because I forgot it was in there) but instead of plaid, I am making it stripes.

I also kind of like the contrast of the header that I wove first, but since this one isn't for me, the weft is gonna be navy ::sigh::

Trying to add some new learning experience to each project, I decided to follow Liz Gipson's suggestion in Weaving Made Easy (good one, by the way) and do a hemstitch across the starting end (and again at the other end before I cut it off the loom).

We'll see how this affects the finished scarf.


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