Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's In Your Stash?

I said I would, and so I am! I've gone through the top layer of stash and identified some sweater size lots of wool for my Ten Sweaters campaign. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

What you see (eyes left) is some lovely natural wool (purchased coned from Webs, scoured, and still in the skein--leftovers from a Daughter In Law sweater), some Sugar and Cream wool in a nice deep green that I bought locally, Outback Wool (the stuff that's left after I made the toddler sweater in the fall), and the Patons Impressions
that I started knitting up.

But wait, there's more!

I have an entire squashed bin of Lopi-like singles in various shades that will make at least a couple of Icelandic-type sweaters.

There are 2700 grams of untouched yarn in that bin, plus a couple of oddballs of similar yarn. Over 3000 yards of yarn!

Just waiting to become sweaters.

And yet, there's still more:

More yarn that I bought on the cone from Webs, several years ago.

I don't remember exactly how much I bought, but at $3 a cone (2+ pound cones), how could I not?

I dyed most of it with varying flavors of Kool-Aid and then stashed it away in this bin. That "amber" cone on the bottom left toward the back is all that remains of the original color.

I'm thinking stripes and fair isle for this batch.

Again, enough for a couple (or more) sweaters.

And here's a progress shot on the current sweater on my needles. The pattern is a basic top-down (translate: seamless) turtleneck pullover, loosely based on one of the Rich Designs sweaters that I turn to frequently.

I bought my copy from Elann, which doesn't seem to carry it at the moment, but a Google search turned up other opportunities.

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Not sure I'm going to get too many sweaters done this year for anyone but grandkids, but I'm considering a goal of 10 pair of socks, just because your sweater goal is SO inspiring.

Only problem is, I don't have a blog to record them all, to keep me honest!
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