Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Very Sad

Why does bad stuff always seem to happen to those who can afford it least?

Massive thoughts and good vibes (ouch, shades of the 60s) are needed for folks in Haiti.

And though we like to think that knitted stuff solves all problems, not this time, partner. What the folks need now is good old cash! Greenbacks (if you live in the US), those fancy colo(u)red bills if you live elsewhere.

Here's why: Stuff has to be sorted and shipped; cash moves in electronically. Cash allows those "on the ground" to get exactly what is needed and quite possibly boosts the local economy if the items can be purchased locally. (Lord knows, the Hatian economy needs all the help it can get, now more than ever!)

So think cash if you are thinking "disaster relief."

Wonder who is helping? Not sure where to send? There's a long list of agencies that are assisting. I sent mine through Doctors Without Borders ( I support them regularly), my local Rotary Club (RI is sending "shelter boxes" and water purification equipment), and Partners in Progress (or PIP) which was recommended by a trustworthy friend who works with them as a volunteer.

The cost of this week's cup of joe could save a life!


I went with DWB also and hope lots of others will also.
Lunch out is not terribly important if the face of this monumental disaster.
work is doing a 2-for-1 match, so i'll be donating to their site (i think it's unicef)
I donated the money I was saving for a small yarn splurge to DWB. I don't need more sock yarn, even if it IS cheap like Borscht.
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