Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Resolve

(I think I've said this before.)

I have way more yarn than I will knit up in the next several years. That said, I did a fair amount of fiber work (knit and weave) this year. Here are the results:

adult sweater 2
afghan squares 17
afghans 2
baby dress 1
bags 1
booties 6
cat toys 2
child sweater 11
christmas ornament 2
christmas stocking 1
clogs 1
dishcloth/facecloth 13
doily 1
gaiter 1
hat 9
laprobe/baby blanket 4
mittens 11
pillow 1
potholder 1
preemie/baby caps 2
scarf 7
shawl 5
slippers 5
socks 1
teddy sweaters 1
toys 6
wristers 3

All together, I used 20 3/5 miles of yarn (36,503 yards) weighing nearly 50 pounds (796 ounces).

There are only 117 FOs on that list. That's disappointing!

I feel like I am forgetting something, but the blog log doesn't lie. That's really all there was.

So, for 2010, I shall press on, working from stash as much as possible. I resolve to buy only necessary yarn ("necessary" loosely defined as "I need it; I want it; it's calling my name").


I like your yarn buying criteria.
Where are the socks and mittens you knit for the reservation on this list?
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