Saturday, January 23, 2010

Never, Ever Again

This morning, the Other Half and I were running errands and had packages to mail. Because we started out too early to drop them at our local PO, we carried them with us to drop at another PO along our route.

Never Again!

We arrived at 8:45, and waited our turn. Fine, so far, but the people in line behind us had a Passport Appointment for 9, and the (only) clerk disappeared to find the Passport Person (who I overheard inform him that their appointment was Their Appointment--IOW, not 15 minutes early).

Okay, back to my packages. We went through the litany: "perishable, liquid, fragile, potentially hazardous?" First package: $55. Excuse me? "You don't want Express Mail? How about Priority?" No, I want plain old "Slow and Cheap" (Parcel Post--$14!) Ass!
Did I mention that wasn't even offered until I asked?

Second package (same destination); same litany; same offer.

Okay, by now, I'm ticked.

Third (last package) is a Flat Rate (gotta love 'em) Priority box. $10 and change, no discussion, right? Wrong! He tells me that I could mail this for $8.35. Okay, I ask, just like it is? No, he informs me, I will have to purchase a Ready Mail box or envelope (at least a buck) and tape (ditto), repack, and then I get the lower rate (which, by the way is parcel post--5-7 days).

I have an international package to mail next week. My regular (PITA, stick-to-the-letter-of-the-regs) postal clerk is looking awfully good!


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