Friday, December 18, 2009

Weaving a Tale

or a shawl

As projects go, this one isn't taking terribly long (unlike, say, Hey Teach, or the Wallaby of Death), but I am really anxious to get it off the loom! I have projects swimming around in my brain and they Want To Come Out and onto said loom.

Unlike my knitting projects, for which I have dozens of tools (needles), I have only one loom (and that's quite enough, thanks, to anyone who might be reading and hoping for a gift hint) unless you count the potholder loom I acquired for sampling. (Let me tell you how well that's working out. . .)

On the other hand, I wouldn't turn down a stand. . .(okay, it's already ordered--and backordered)

The last two issues of Handwoven have had wonderful looking scarves that just scream for some of the (very small) stash of novelty yarns that I have on hand. And I want to weave a wool rug (okay, a wool mat) and I can't do either (any?) until I free up the loom.

This time, I was determined that I would track how much I have woven. You know, so I'd have an idea of how much I still have to weave.

All on my own (really), I concocted the idea of tying on a string every 6 inches of woven stuff.

What I failed to do was ensure that the little bits of thread I used as my markers stayed on the outside of the rolled woven fabric.


So I really don't know for sure how much I still can weave, though that will also be dictated by how much weft I still have on the shuttle.

If the woven length isn't sufficient for wrapping (around shoulders, thrown around the neck), I have a Plan B in mind (button closure on the front edge), but I'd really rather not go there. You know?


Oh what yarn is this? Noro?
Could you look at the edge, maybe use a flexible measuring tape, and estimate it where there aren't threads sticking out?

Do you have any record of how long the loop was/loops were when you set up the warp?
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