Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thirty Nine Years and Counting

Thirty-nine years ago today, the Other Half and I tied the knot. The weather, as I recall, was miserable. Central PA in December can be! We forgot to make plans for the drive to the reception (!) and almost wound up walking. Fortunately, OH's brother gave us a lift.

It was a quiet day (and evening). We started the day at the diner (as we do every Saturday) and had breakfast with our Younger Son.

Then we made our annual trek to The Mall (I hate in-person shopping, so it takes something pretty special to get me there). It was my hour (11-noon) to Ring Bells for the local Salvation Army, something my Rotary Club has done for years and years.

I was fortunate, this year to be teamed up with Father F, an Episcopal priest, who is former military chaplain, and has travelled around. I was set for interesting networking/bonding and conversation.

What I wasn't expecting was that Fr. F is a singer! Oh, my, yes, and soon, we were singing in 2-part harmony. All the old carols and Christmas songs, people (donors) were singing along with us! The hour flew by!

The Other Half refused to join in, so we sent him to the other side. Do Not Rain On This Parade!


Hope you and the Father collected lots of donations while you sang, because I know in general their donations are down.

I passed one guy singing by himself, but it didn't look like fun; he struck me as not being "all there", and I don't think he was collecting much.
Oh, my, that sounds like such fun! What a great way to put/keep yourself in the spirit of the holiday. And congratulations on 39 years!
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