Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Things You Can Learn From Books

Bedtime reading these days has been of a technical nature: Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving (Betty Linn Davenport) and Learning to Weave (Deborah Chandler).

Let's say that I am learning a lot!

For example (eyes left): this is how I have been balancing my loom--on the edge of the desk and on my knees.

The knees part is working just fine, thank you, but here's a tip I picked up from Chandler:

That little leg. It holds things steady.


What an improvement! Okay "a lot" might be stretching things, but it really made a difference.

I have a stand for my Flip on order (or should I say, on backorder). Everywhere I looked on line, it was out of stock. I finally gave up expecting it in time for Christmas and just ordered it!
It's the Other Half's Christmas present to me. It will get here eventually and all will be even better.

And for those keeping score, here's the scarf. I discovered one knot in the ribbon that I missed while I was warping. Then the bobbly stuff broke (oh, noes!), but only one warp thread.

I fixed it (not entirely according to the rules) and it stayed fixed until I got past that spot.
The scarf is going to need a lot of babying to get the bobbles and the fuzz where they need to be. I'm not displeased.


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