Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scrappy Things

The leftover blues and greens from the last scrapghan are put to great use in this newest version. I added some warm tones to brighten it up.

This one will be donatedto the annual Casino Night at our local residential rehab hospital.

Rotary sponsors the event and donates the prizes for the residents. It's lots of fun and laprobes are in demand (as are those tote things that attach to walkers).

Particulars: Mitered squares based on 15M15 and 30M30. Yarn is all acrylic, mostly Red Heart. Needles: size 7. It will be about 32"X36". I am debating an edging to neaten it up. Perhaps i-cord. Or maybe not.


Looking for the "like" button.
Nice and bright, Ann. Love it!
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