Monday, December 21, 2009

Remember Fraggle Rock!

Intriguing, no? From the latest issue of Handwoven.

I started subscribing even before I had my loom, because it's all about the creativity.

This one attracted my attention because a recent grab bag purchase and some swapping and a tiny bit of Dollar Tree buying

left me with these "novelty" yarns. (Some of them are actually quite nice.) I got good value for my money as there were some gorgeous hand-painted laceweight yarns in the bags.

But there were also lots of fuzzy ones. The Other Half suggested that this photo looks a bit like a Fraggle Rock reunion. I see his point!

And the "winners" are (l-r) Online Linie 185 Smash-Irisee (fuzzy and sparkly), Katia Rumba Mix (bobbly), and Scholana Sangria (ribbon).

The turquoise is some very thready cotton stuff that I tripled up using my ball winder. I debating between it and a white Red Heart baby pompadour for the weft.

The loom is warped. Please note my new 8-dent reed! This was a royal pain to warp. It didn't help that the warping peg jumped ship mid-warp. Bad words were said.

I have woven the scrap border (that would be 5 picks--passes across the loom) and I am now anticipating that I will never again warp with bobbly, or fuzzy, or ribbony yarn.



I totally agree - I warped once with mohair type yarn and never again!
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