Thursday, December 31, 2009

Belated Christmas

I know it's very late. I hope my regular readers will forgive the delay. We were busily celebrating with the Tiny Prince.

Every day is a celebration when there are little people in the house! Tiny Prince and his mama were able to visit for an entire week!

We had so much fun!

There were books to read.

And new clothes to wear (Santa brought socks.)

Aside: Santa always brings new socks. I never get new socks in my stocking (or new nail clippers or a new toothbrush). What do you suppose is up with that?

Uncle Cool brought most of the goggies to visit.

That's Belle, Katie, and Helen. Belle is the Forever Dog; the other two (and Beetle) are Foster Dogs, though, I suspect, they are really Forever Dogs, too.

Helen was badly neglected, but is regrowing her fur (how long do you suppose a dog has to sit in her own pee to burn all the fur off her tail?) She's settling in at the zoo.

Attention: You read it here! The Other Half and I are not adopting Helen!

Belle's place is right in the thick of things. She doesn't care what's going on as long as she's included.

Here's a favorite toy: Thomas the Tank Engine "starter" set.

I hear that these things can be a huge empty pit money suck.

They look so innocent!

Another favorite toy.

What did little boys do before there were Matchbox cars?

Was there ever a time before Matchbox cars?

Is that all??

Can I play now?


For me?

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas and a very wonderful visit. The Tiny Prince has gone home. The house is very quiet and very empty.


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Just for the record, Thomas IS a HUGE money pit, but well worth the hours of enjoyment. And I don't know that Matchbox cars are older than Barbie, say, but my brother says life wasn't as much FUN before M. cars. Just so you know ...

Glad you and Tiny Prince had a wonderful Christmas together!
What a wonderful Christmas! I spied some gorgeous christmas stockings. Are these your own design? I'd loved to know your source for the charts.

Happy new year!
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