Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow, Am I Behind!

It seems that nearly a week has passed since I wrote. Apologies. It's been a busy week.

I am heading into a 3-Day (rescheduled from a 4-day because of "press of business," it being "the holidays" and all [minor rant: people need to eat every day, preferably more than once].

The Other Half has been away at a training session (just far enough that commuting wasn't an option) so I had the house to myself for 3 days (that's like a vacation in itself). I watched no television. I ate what I wanted. I knit exactly 1 row on the giant mitered square.

On Thursday, I met with the medical oncologist I saw in September. The nurse drew blood and did an instant analysis (everything is good). I've lost 7 pounds since September [w00t]. There was a registering of surprise (shock) that I had no bloodwork at all during radiation (apparently that's routine, but what the heck).

Anyway, I now have a prescription for tamoxifen which I will probably take for the next 5 years. Along with the radiation, this drug is the protocol of choice for preventing recurrance of breast cancer. I go back in May for follow-up on the drug, July for my next mammogram (and an MRI), in 2 weeks with the radiologist. . .Will it ever end?


I'm all for anything that prevents that darn breast cancer from coming back again. Just keep on knitting, keep on knitting, through it all ...
Some days it helps to think of it as similar to getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months. Not fun, a little anxiety-inducing but better than the alternative. I have also found that it doesn't hurt to reward myself for being a big girl. Small reward for plain 6-month oncologist visit and special lunch after yearly CT Scan since it requires fasting before hand.
Nope. If you don't want to be one of those who gets it a lot worse the next time around, you'll be stuck with all those tests and checkups. Join the club, honey; you can sit by me.

I'm on the tamoxifen, too, though I think my doctor said 3 years. Did yours tell you don't take it if you can't remember whether you already did or not that day? Mine says it's much worse to take it twice in one day than to miss a day.

And aren't I just little Miss Mary Sunshine? :-p
glad to hear you are doing well --- hope you had a happy thanksgiving!
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