Friday, November 06, 2009

Plugging Along

I've been out of the loop. Sorry.

We've been seasonally busy at work and are having some staff (good) shifting, butp eople have been oinkishly sick (if you get my drift) and so, afternoons, I have come home and crashed (and played Farm Town and Farmville) and have neglected to update the blog.

The good news is that while I am still tired and have my lifting restricted temporarily, I am feeling so very much better.

The knitting has been limited to the mindless variety:

This is the current in process scrapghan which will be either

1) a baby blanket for the current Native Support "baby shower" taking place all month for the WIC Center at Cheyenne River Reservation or

2) a laprobe for the Senior nutrition program.

The look of the finished 'ghan (and the finish date) will determine where I mail it.

Baby shower is this month, elder blitz is usually for Valentine's Day. If I can't make the case for it looking "baby" (and you know I can stretch that case pretty far) it will go to the Elders anyway.
It's a big (cast on 400) mitered square made of all the blue and green acrylic in the Tiny Prince's scrap bag.

And in other knitting knews, the troops need warm woolies. This is a gaiter that I am mailing off to Ship Support (along with some goodies). It's 100% wool (required for the ground forces). Just a little Hug From Home for a deployed soldier.

Winter is coming fast over there. Good news because the fighting all but stops in Afghanistan because everything is snowed in. Bad news because it's very, very cold in the mountains.
Gaiters and hats use very little yarn and are quick knits. Two nights of tv knitting in that one.

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Thanks for plugging the warm items for the troops. I'm feeling guilty that I stopped at one this month.
I sent my box to ships today,
I got a thank you from CRYO yesterday for the mittenz. I saved the address and will try to send them some warm items this winter.
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