Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another FO

There's been little to show of late because I have put all my time and energy into this giant mitered square blankie.

Thought originally that it might be a baby Drag Around, but clearly, it is too large for that.

And too heavy too.

It's 54" square and weighs in at nearly 5 pounds.

And it's mostly odd balls of leftover stuff. If the yarn had all been newly bought for this project, you'd be looking at 22-100 gram skeins.

I did wind up buying yarn to complete it (since I really wanted it color-coordinated).

The bright turquoise, some of the royal blue (2 different balls from 2 different manufacturers), and some of the kelly green were purchased to supplement what was already in the scrap bag.

The rest is legitimate odds and ends.

Lots of Red Heart, some Sidar Snuggly, and lord only knows what else.

And now, it's all folded up and ready for mailing.

And I've started another. This one is smaller mitered squares all joined from pick up an knit edges in shades of all sorts. A true Odd Ball laprobe.

Particulars of the one I just finished: Cast on 400 stitches, placing a marker at the center. Knit every row. Decrease each side of the marker every other row until 2 stitches remain. Knit 2 together.

I picked up stitches (one per cast on or garter ridge) on each side and added a 7 row border, binding off in purl ala "log cabin" style blankets.

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It's lovely - and in my favorite colors, too. What size needle did you use?

It looks great and will be very warm and comforting for someone.
It's absolutely beautiful. How did you handle all those tails?
It's a beauty! Love the color you've chosen for the edging!
I'm in love!!
What a great looking afghan!

I am going to copy the pattern you have provided, but I'm sure I do not have yarn of appropriate colouring. (DH spit up his coffee when I read that out to him! Wouldn't you think he would be on better behaviour this close to Christmas?)
Did it seem to take a long time to finish? Four hundred stitches would take a noticeable amount of time to knit!
And I will have to check on why binding off in purl makes it look like the log cabin style of blankets.

But I just love it! Great work!
Of course 400 stitches would take a long time to knit - but each row gets shorter and shorter.
And therefore faster and faster!

I was thinking of a particular type of dishcloth knitting - which would require the increase of stitches, after getting down to the minimum number.

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