Monday, October 19, 2009

What's More Tired Than Exhausted?

Yesterday, I had a "gig" at a lunch meeting for a donor. I was there (or on the road) for nearly 4 hours--to speak for less than 10 minutes. At least the food was good!

What that really means, though, is that despite having a weekend, I got little rest. Saturday was gocery shopping, fun and necessary, but certainly not relaxing. Sunday flew by, and then it was Monday again and back to the treatment center.

And just in case I wasn't having enough fun with the regular treatment (10 seconds X 2), today, the techs got a chance to draw on me with blue Sharpie and stick stickers.

I took pictures, but it wasn't pretty, so I deleted them. You'll just have to imagine aging boob droop with blue marker and purple smiley-looking things.

Oh, the artwork was in preparation for the "boost" which starts Thursday, instead on Monday. I can hardly contain my excitement.

Seven to go!


I'm so glad it's almost over!
Hey, they drew on my boob about twice a week, why I have no idea (cheap thrills?). Hang in there kiddo! Nearly done.
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