Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two-Thirds Behind Me

Today marked treatment # 22. That means that there are only 11 to go, so 2/3 finished, 1/3 left.
Did we think we would ever reach this point?

My whatever that caused loss of voice and a general crappy feeling (technical term) is passing rapidly, but now the Other Half seems to be coming down with something, and you know what that means.

Today, I had to take the (leased, and the lease is almost up) car in for a bit of "emergency" (as in the annoying light on the dashboard) work. Monday, I discovered that I had No High Beams, which wouldn't be a problem if I drove at normal times through Not Deer Areas, but that isn't the case. I thought that was the cause of the annoying warning, but it turns out not to be the why of it.

Seems that Mr. I'm Almost Two was "driving the car" and flipped a switch that I didn't notice that disabled the high beam function. WE (the car guy and I) decided that driving should be restricted to Those Over Three. (We had a good chuckle over that. Then he fixed the Bulb That Was Causing the Annoying Message.)

Two totally unrelated and completely coincidental car "problems."


Hooray for being closer to the end of treatment than to the beginning. And another hooray for car problems that turn out to be less than major. And Mr. Almost Two seems to be very male in having to adjust something in the car.
How like you to have us all laughing in spite of what you're going through. Not long now . . . .
Good thoughts and prayers are going your way.
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