Friday, October 02, 2009

Shopping At Mom's

Once again, Younger Son is in need of a gift. I have nothing suitable in stock. Rather, I have nothing in stock that he can have. We call this "planned for a meal" (i.e. recipient already in mind thankyouverymuch). The recipients-to-be are two women. Not teenagers, and not "old" (which we know means My Age).

So I whipped up what All The Cool Kids are wearing.


First pair (and the second) are Phyllis Wharton's Scallopers' Wristers from Favorite Mittens by Robin Hansen. Great book for Mittnz knittn! I had to modify (different weight yarn) and I added ribbing at the top.

Remember the Laprobe That We All Knew Was Really A Baby Blankie and the Rambling Rows Jacket? The little person I made them for arrived at 5:40 AM. He's cute! (not unexpected). I have a picture, but I don't have permission to share, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Today was Day 15. I still feel like crap and have No Voice At All. None. I croak. And I had to croak twice at Rotary at lunch today.

I am looking forward to Two Days Off.

Oh, and while we were catching up on Netflix tonight, there was a rousing THUNK from the laundry room. The dryer managed to shake loose a HUGE jug of All Free and Clear (the size you get at Costco or BJ's or Sam's). Cursing mightily while cleaning most of it up, I offended The Other Half (who really didn't exactly do anything) by yelling at him. You know, if I had needed wanted an audience, I would have sold tickets. Just saying.

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Sometimes watching a loved one in pain is as hard as being in pain. Venting can be a good thing too. We are keeping you in prayer.
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