Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Day To Go

Today was my last skin check, or so I thought. I found out that I need to schedule a follow-up visit in a month. I wonder if they realize that my insurance doesn't pay extra for follow-ups.

The penultimate (second-last ) toasting was nothing special except that I got a new purple smile to replace the one that had fallen quite nearly off. You'd think they were made of platinum the way they hand them out.

So, tomorrow, the smiles come off and I am Free At Last.

Just in time, too. The radiologist's office is looking more and more like a ghost town.

I am celebrating by eating the Sour Patch Kids that we bought for trick or treat. It's supposed to rain tomorrow (yes, I know) and my staff has dibs on the leftover Swedish Fish.


Woo hoo! What are you going to do to celebrate the last toasting? Toast it with some fizzy cider?

It is the perfect time to indulge in some fresh pressed cider.
Party starts on Wednesday or Thursday then?
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