Friday, October 23, 2009

Not That I'm Counting

Three more treatments to go!

Yesterday, the scheduling tech asked me about next week. I had already told her that Tuesday at 9 wasn't going to work for me (job-related thing that I couldn't get out of)and so, she was already looking at an afternoon appointment. She asked if I could do afternoon all week (I can, I get to go home if it's late enough).

This morning when I got my appointment card, Tuesday was as expected (1:30), but Monday and Wednesday were "as usual" (9) which is fine by me. I can get a lot done and still go home if I need to!

I found this in the camera.

What a joyful little bundle of energy is our Tiny Prince! This was taken at the eleentary school playground when he and his Mama were visiting.

We climbed and climbed and slid and jumped and had a grand time and chased away the big kids who were there when we arrived. We didn't mean to. I guess we were cramping their style!

The police arrived (probably some nosy neighbor called because of the big kids--who weren't doing anything that I could tell, just being big kids on a Sunday afternoon).

We must have looked "safe," because they never even got out of their car.

This weekend, I am mailing off my contribution to the Red Scarf Project. This is the scarf I entered in the fair (it won a ribbon). I'm enclosing an encouraging note, a gift card to Subway, and a pre-paid phone card for my student and a check (the amount is between Norma and me) for the Orphan Foundation.

There's still time if you want to participate. There are cool prizes for $ contributors, but we aren't in it for the prizes!

Picture a teen, trying really, really hard to succeed on her own. Now picture that same teen with a little support. See how much farther that teen can go?

You could be the support.

Do it!

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