Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Giving Up Yet

Only two more days to go and I am not giving up on this blow-by-blow.

i have blisters and very red skin in spots (fortunately not both in the same spot). I itch, I hurt, and I am exhausted.

My plan for today was to go home early. That didn't happen. Now, it's my plan for tomorrow.

Today, I found out that the nurse at the radiologist's office is no longer there. Victim of the economy. There hasn't been anyone at the reception desk the last couple of days. Another victim?

Seems like a good thing this endeavor is almost over.


May the next couple of days go quickly and painless, and then at least it's over; and you're into the next stage of recovery.

Will be glad (with you) when it's over!
When I started my treatments, we were told that the hospital (in the heart of Tel Aviv) would be closing. Little did I know that I would be the very last patient to receive treatment there! By number 33, the place was like a ghost town.

I had a huge raw area under my breast that took about a week, post treatment, to heal. I hope your blisters etc aren't as bad as that was. You are almost done! And after even a day or two of rest, you'll start to feel much better.
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