Saturday, October 03, 2009

Imaginary Friends To the Rescue

As you know, my Very Good Imaginary Friends got together and made Mittnz in my honor.

Come on, admit it. Unless you family and friends are really Internet Savvy, they think that all those folks you converse with on-line every day are All In Your Head!

Could All In Your Head Friends send you prezzies?

Mine did.

Thursday morning, the Other Half called to me to help him with some stuff that "Santa" (aka the Dude Dressed In Brown) had left on the front porch.

One box was huge and heavy (diapers for the Tiny Prince's upcoming visit

The other box was smaller, but still substantial.

It contained this lovely "comfortghan" from a bunch of my Other Imaginary Friends.

Ronnie gathered the squares from all over, edged them, and sent the 'ghan on to me.

It's really lovely. Thank you, Imaginary Friends!"

So, if you are scratching your head trying to figure out why there are so many photos, look again. The only way I could get a good picture of all the terrific squares was to fold it in quarters and take four.

If you click on each photo, sometime Blogger will make the picture bigger.

Click away!

My next challenge will be to decide where it will live!

The colors go really well in my bedroom ( neutral greens), living room (neutral greens--eyes left, the colors IRL are much closer than they show in this picture) , and family room (moving in the direction of neutral greens--can we say "color rut?").

I guess I could just wrap it around myself and carry it from room to room. . .

Oh, and look at the goodies that were packed in with. Scented candles, cookbook, patterns, yarn (I really need more yarn).


Lovely afghan i am glad that you received it & the nice goodies as well
From one of the Imaginary friend on the group lol
Hugs Janice
And that new yarn doesn't count as stash aquisition, either.

Comfortghans are great to wrap one's self in, and someday little prince will try to enjoy it, too, especially if you love it. :-)
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