Saturday, October 24, 2009

If You Want My Support

Yesterday afternoon, shortly after I got home, the phone rang (knocking me off-line, but I digress) for the Other Half.

He wasn't home, so I asked politely (yes, I can!), "May I ask who's calling?"

Seems it was some sweet and earnest young thing from Mumble Mumble, etc. When she said she would call back, I asked her not to and said that we are on the National Do Not Call list and that we don't wish to be solicited by phone.

That was when she informed me that "political calls are exempt from that law." Well, yes, they are (though I don't think they should be).

And so, I told her that an organization hoping for support (monetary or otherwise) should respect the wishes of the people it's soliciting. How in the holy hell can they expect to win over people who don't want their day disturbed by phone calls by calling them?

So there!

I don't respond to phone solicitations. Ever!

And on a knitterly note:

I am ready to start the sleeves of the Other Half's Christmas Wallaby. Yes, I started it in March (I think). What's the problem?

It will be done by Christmas!

It's been my Waiting Knitting for the past week and I've made some nice progress. I'm past the point of fusing the pouch.

Time to start the sleeves.

I have a couple of other projects on the needles as well, including a scrap blankie (or laprobe, as the case might be) and Hey, Teach (for me).

The weather is supposed to be pissy (technical term) all weekend, and there's a football game on this afternoon. I should make some headway on the projects that are started and might even start a new one!

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My line with charities that call is "Since I am on the do-not-call list, don't you think that means I DON'T WANT TO BE CALLED?!?" I never accept solicitation over the phone, tell them so, ask to be put on their do-not-call list, then HANG UP before they can argue with me. BTW, love the blue for the Wallaby!
One charity we support via snail mail got us in their auto dialer, we were getting several calls a day. I finally got a person and put both house numbers on their do not call list. They didn't know one number is a business, they aren't supposed to call businesses. Now I tell everyone this is a business number also and leave us alone. So far it's worked like a charm.
I am currently employed as a phone interviewer. We do surveys for hospitals and universities. Because we are not selling anything, the company is exempt from the DNC list. So... the numbers our clients provide us with come directly from their research, not any marketable lists that would have already eliminated the DNCs.

So... when you get an unsolicited call, please remember that on the other end of the line there might be a poor knitter being paid minimum wage to make that call (one of maybe 200 in a four-hour period). If you don't wish to be on the list, just tell them a polite "No thank you and please remove us from the list".

They'll gladly do you the honors, and thank you eternally that they weren't screamed at, cussed out, and reamed a new one for simply doing their pitiful and hopefully temporary job.


PS I'm glad you're getting through the treatments. That would be a total bear! But you're here, and alive, and you'll live to knit another day. And that's a good thing.
Avi loves to torment telephone solicitors by telling them that whatever it is they're selling is against his religion, or something similar. He can drag out these phone calls forever, and he's convinced those people write on their lists, "Don't call again! This guy is crazy!"
Pissy weather here, too. Perfect for knitting, watching football on TV, and not answering the phone!
AMEN to the fact that if I am on the DNC I might be more inclined to support a cause/charity that takes that into consideration.

We are currently in the "don't answer the phone unless you check caller id" season due to all of the political begging going on these days.

Of course the person leaving a message on the answering machine today sounded positively stoned. Not the way to get me to support your issue either!
I have an unlisted number. I work shifts and really don't want to be wakened in the middle of the maybe four hours of sleep that I might be getting that day to hear someone mangle my name (it's amazing how many people can't pronounce "Rabbitch") and try to sell me something I either don't want or can't afford (or already have). So ... guess who calls me? The telephone company ... offering me services I don't want, and mangling my name. I called them and (politely) let them know that they were also on the list of people who weren't allowed to call me. Let's hope it works!
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