Monday, October 05, 2009

Halfway There

Today was Day 16 (of 33), so quite nearly half done. (Tomorrow gets that honor.)

One of the two women I see frequently when I go for the very short burst finished today, so we said the obligatory "hope to never see you again," good-bye.

(It's not a very chatty place.)

Older Son put in an order for "something for a small girl," preferably winter weight, so I cast on the Easy Baby Cardigan. It used to be available for free, but isn't any more. Well worth the price, though. Film by Saturday when I hope to mail it.

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Ann, that sweater pattern is still free -- there's a place to click down on the bottom left (I just tried it). It's the pattern for the pants you have to buy. Hurray for halfway!!

--Elizabeth D
it's amazing how many patterns that i posted asfree on the daily chum, are no longer so (and have even moved links!)

can't see how someone can offer it free, and then, withoutwarning say "hey, you need to pay me now!"

no clue,there.
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