Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Graduation Day

There was a diploma, I kid you not. And a weigh in (that was supposed to happen weekly--and didn't) and blood pressure check (ditto).

I got an invitation to "come back and visit" (as if!)

To celebrate (since I know you are wondering), I bought lunch for my crew. They were most grateful.

Tonight is Trick or Treat (yeh, yeh). I'm debating turning off the porch light and eating all the Sour Patch Kids myself.


Why is tonight trick or treat night? Seems odd to do it on a school night when it isn't Halloween. . . we'll be doing it here on Saturday night. Big conflict with the first home game for the Phillies!

--Elizabeth D
i don't get all this trick or treating crap on any day but halloween. last saturday they had "treat street" which is indoor trickor treating by vendors (let's get mommytobuy stuff while the kiddiesgobble our candy!), and there's a trunk or treat event tomorrow at a nearby church. IT'S NOT HALLOWEEN YET, PEOPLE, GET OVER YOURSELVES!

as far as i'm concerned theonly time halloween needs to be moved is in the case of inclement weather (in 97 we had 8" of wet snow, and the kids were out ofschool for a week because half t he schools didn't even have electricity!)

i'm a purist, i guess.

oh, and congrats on making it through!
Somehow congratulations and Sour Patch Kids just don't seem enough reward for you. There should be special yarn or at least an extra day off.
I was thinking you might want to have a wine cooler with those Sour Patch Kids, at the very least!

You made it through, so I'm thinking we should all have a knitting party to celebrate.

I'll be there about 8 to help with the Sour Patch Kids. When we run out of those, we can eat the real kids.

I'll bring cashmere.
So glad you're DONE! I hope you can rest up now. You've been very brave.
You did it!!!!!
Congratulations on making it through - so glad THAT'S done! Whee!
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