Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Countdown Starts

I know we already had the fair countdown, but that's over and done with for another year (or until 2010 panic sets in).

I'm talking about Christmas countdown.

As in 81 days ::eep:: from now, we will all be in Gay and Festive mode.

I'm lucky. No one expects much out of me this Christmas. I've been sick.

So I am hoping that the intended victim lucky recipient will like this version of the ribbed scarf. Like its companion, this is made of Patons SWS, this time in shades of brown.

It's available again at Smiley's; don't wait if you want some. Availability at Smiley's usually means Closeout.

And here's a little quick and dirty Festive Dishcloth (or facecloth if you are like me and don't wash by hand). The yarn is Old Reliable (Sugar and Cream). The color is Mistletoe.

In health news, I still feel like crap (technical term). I coughed all night (meaning that neither I nor The Other Half got a lot of sleep.

My voice has not come back completely, though it is showing some signs of improvement.

And Monday (tomorrow) marks day 16. You know, nearly the half-way mark.

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Yeah! As of Tuesday, you will have fewer days to go than days done.

Love the scarf - those colors are great.
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