Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Almost Done

Today I found out that the smile stickers have to stay in place until treatment is finished, which would be okay except that they itch and pull. Rats.

One more regular *zap* tomorrow, then 5 "boost" zaps (which I expect will toast my skin quite nicely--think crispy bacon) and I am finished.

Hanging in. . .


At least the "end" is really in sight. I know you'll be very glad when it's done, so here's hoping the next few days are generally good ones and it doesn't cause discomfort or further problems, Ann.
Thank you for sharing your journey. I've been thinking about you often and following along.

My Mom starts her radiation series tomorrow. (Scan and Plan was last week) :( We'll find out if she is a candidate for the shorter (in days, longer daily zap) version or if she's doing 33 visits as well. We have to travel an hour each way and the doctor wanted to try to minimize that if she is a candidate for the compressed schedule.
can you at least shower with the damned things on?
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