Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Results Are In

The day was hot, but breezy, so it wasn't unpleasant, but the air conditioning inside felt good, too.

The fairgrounds has two large buildings, one (the market where we shop every weekend) for vending, and one for exhibits that are permanent structures. In the past couple of years, they've added heat and a/c so that they can be used year 'round.

The exhibit building houses gun shows and computer shows and lots of other weekend events. It's quite the place!

The Best Stuff is always the first thing you encounter when you enter "Ag Hall" (the ehibition building). And ever the optimist, I always look, hoping that something I entered is on display there.

It hasn't happened yet, but hope springs eternal or something. (See also Einstein's Definition of Insanity. )

Meanwhile, I noticed no needlework in the bunch, so just maybe. . .

We had to wander past the display of baked goods (third place cupppycakes to the left there) and vinegars and wines and jellies and such.

There are categories like "lard," and "dried marrowfat beans," "potato candy" (this is Pennsylvania Dutch country, after all).

I've never felt quite so confident in my cooking skills as I am in my needlework, so I've never entered, though in my Earth Mother days (when the kids were Tiny Princelings), I did a lot of canning and preserving.

That was then; this is now.

So, on to the prizes! (That's why we're here! It's all about the money!)

Winter Bauble (aka Snowman, other) on the left, took a second place, Christmas Stocking, knit got a first!

$7. Ka-ching!

The pink baby blanket also took a second and the Adult Scarf (the red one over there on the right side of the photo) took a 6th place.

Total prize money there, $3. (Tiny little snowman earned a whole dollar more than the blankie for a whole lot less work and materials. What's up with that!?)

Fair Trivia: Total prize $ distributed (amid great ceremony) at the first fair was about $163.

Lot of blue stuff all gathered in one spot.

Laprobe took 4th place; sweater got a 3rd. That blue ribbon is attached to my clogs.

Total haul here: $4

All told, I won 28 ribbons for 29 entries. The multi-colored tote bag was the only item that failed to place.

The count: 1st-9, 2nd-6, 3rd-7, 4th-1, 5th-4, 6th-1. Not so shabby.

And like I have in years past, I vow (yet again, the loyal readers mumble) to start earlier. I will say that the Ladies That Guard the Exhibits seem to cheer me on a little louder each year. Thank you, Ladies.

Oh, and for those of you keeping track of the cash, the total was over $50. That's the highest ever (of course, I think this is the largest number of categories I've entered as well).

The Other Half asked if I was "pleased." I don't do this for pleasure. It's all about the money, Honey! (And my tongue is implanted firmly in my cheek as I type that!)

I will leave you with a parting Sheep Shot. There were lots of sheep (and other animals).

We walked through that bittersweet parade of young people leading their cattle to the auction tent.

I know that these are country kids, and that selling the beef and dairy animals you've raised from calves is part of the process and you learn that at your daddy's knee.

But I noticed several glittery eyes as that beautiful animal that was a part of each life was sold. Pride and sadness. Pride and sadness. They go hand in hand, don't they?

Next post: goats and food, and rides, oh, my!


OK, I just sort of slid in from another site - not a lurker, I'm right here! I enjoy knitting, was taught at my great auntie's knee lo those many years ago. Many hats, scarves, sweaters later, I still knit, mostly winter project becuz summer is garden and survival. I am very interested in the Mittnz thing. Just to be clear, I have never made a mitten or sock - let alone a PAIR of them. Is there hope for me?? Please email me at
if you have a few minutes to educate a probie on where to begin...
Congratulations on all your well-deserved ribbons at the fair. Now you get to wear your felted clogs, right?
i had 4-h calves 2 years. i cried both years. (i was only 14 with calf #2). there's actually a picture of me in the paper holding my calf's lead, with the man who had bought it. my hair was down in my face, as i was hiding because i was so upset.

yes, you learn it at your daddy's knee, but it doesn't make it any easier. to me, it was the first time anything had counted on me to care for it, and it was heartbreaking tolet it go (and it ain't any easier to let the kids go, lol)

good job with the fair stuff! i never think about it in time (and our county fair is actually AFTER the state fair, go figger)
I wish I could have gone with you! Maybe one year ...
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