Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a Poor Carpenter That Blames the Tool

Truthfully, it was the tool! That's better!

This time around, I used a sportweight yarn (Red Heart Sport) in a variegated version of red/yellow/green/purple

Still using my 10-dent heddle. But what a difference!

The shuttles fly across. There's no hang-up (so far) and no missed warp threads (so far).

I love the faux plaid it's making.

Oh, and my selvedges look pretty neat.

Of course, the Wandering Heddles That Took a Trip To Illinois arrived today. They were on my porch when I got home.

Hooray for that!

After this weave is done I'll tackle the rest of the worsted weight acrylic.

Day 11 (if anyone is keeping track) puts me 1/3 of the way through ::big sigh of relief:: but I have either caught something serious (doubtful) or allergies are really, really bad all of a sudden (more likely).

This week promises to be very busy. I have no time to be sick.

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Your weaving is beautiful and girl, be proud of those selvedge edges. I am still working on getting mine even. Yours are so very neat! I am envious!
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