Sunday, September 06, 2009

Goats and Rides and Food, Oh My!

The saga continues. . .

Let's start with the livestock, shall we?

I noticed that the areas formerly dedicated to sheep showing seem to be taken over by goats! I also noticed (for the first time this year, though lord knows, it could be that I am just blind) that there seem to be more Hispanic 4-Hers showing their animals.

I think there is a correlation there. I work with a number of Latinos, and whenever there is a "pot luck" (sadly, only once a year at the agency picnic) some of them bring the most marvelous stews that are spicy and yummy and based on goat!

And I was shocked, I tell you, to discover how much I enjoyed eating these sweet-faced little creatures.

Pigs, cows, not so cute. Goats, however. . . But I digress (yet again, yet again, Faithful Readers).

These little guys (clearly labeled as "dairy" goats, whew!) barely came up to my knees.

So sweet.

Do you think I could convince the neighbors that they are an exotic dog breed?

Then, there's the food!

Bill White,** local (to me) blogger and Man About Fair wrote about Nathan's Hot Dogs being at the fair, and so we went in search.

Fortified by a disappointing batch of nearly-cold, not nearly greasy french fries (note: NOT from this stand!), we were ready to walk from one end of the grounds to the other in search.

And we did.

And find it, we didn't.

So, we settled for a hot dog (smothered in chili, onions, and mustard) from Willie Joe's (local hot dog stand where we can get a doggie any day of the week if we are so inclined).

I will say that I find the food selection to be somewhat disappointing overall since the Fair Association switched midway vendors.

The new folks brought in their own food stands. Generic fair food.

Some local vendors (Willie Joe's, Smitty's, Vince's, the Brass Rail) are still present, and the church groups with their platters (half a chicken, creamed cabbage, corn on the cob with birch beer on the side) will always be there, but frankly, I miss the ice cream and some of the other treats.

And cotton candy. Have we gone so anti-carb that we can't indulge in a little candy floss once a year?

The bingo stand remains a draw, year after year. It's a place where you can sit in the shade and maybe win a prize.

I'll never be that young again. . .or that old.


And then, there are the rides. Don't try this right after a church tent platter!

I'd rather watch!

The last fair ride I went on was the ferris wheel, and that was many years ago.

The new midway folks have lots for the little guys, and lots for the dare devils.

This is much more my speed.

Except for the weight limit. 150 my fat ass!

**And speaking of Bill White, if you are a movie buff, you'll want to check out his Movie Quote Fridays.

Lots of fun!

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