Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 13

Clearly, I am stricken with some sort of crud. That's the nose and head part. I'm pretty sure it's allergies.

I have a fever. But no, it's not constant. Ibuprofen gets rid of it quickly. I wake up fine, but within an hour of treatment, I'm Chilled But Burning Up.


I don't think so.

Will test the theory tomorrow when treatment is at 10:30 rather than 9.


Good luck with the treatment, and have the Ibuprofen handy. And then keep telling yourself "this, too, shall pass"; hope this is the very WORST you'll feel the whole time, at least! Sending lots of love from MN ...
Almost to the halfway mark. Maybe it's your system fighting back the bad cells. I sent my mittenz yesterday. I intended (right, we know where they lead) to send a photo of the second batch (only 6 more not a full 9) but a flu shot reaction on Tuesday had other plans.
WOW, I hope you're feeling better FAST. With a little play on words, I'll echo Beth from MN in hoping this is the "WORSTED" you'll feel ! ! ! I know, it's a groaner . . . I tried !!! LOL.

This is the first time I've seen your work and it's awesome. I wish I could do all that. I absolutely LOVE the mittens and those slippers. Can I PLEASE have the patterns for them? I've never attempted mittens because the patterns always seem complicated with all these different needles, hooks, circulars, etc. It just boggles my brain.

Anyway, those slippers are the closest I've seen yet to the ones my aunt started me on about 45 years ago and I LOVED making them -- at that time all my friends and teachers got them for Christmas.

PLEASE can I have those patterns. My email address is -- since I'm not sure I'll be able to navigate my way back to this site . . . I just click on link after link and then wonder how I got there or how I could ever get back . . . DUH.

Thank you SO much.
Sure hope whatever's wrong gets better quickly! I also divided up my time into, 1/3 done, etc. Soon the smaller number will be on the side of what is left, not what is already done. Hang in there!
Allergies don't cause fevers, do they? Have you mentioned the fever to your doctor? Sounds like something they need to know. Feel better soon!
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