Saturday, August 08, 2009

What a week!

My birthday (last Saturday, thanks for all the well wishes) spilled over into the week. I am blessed!

Rabbitch sent me some lovely Toe Jam sock yarn (the two hanks of blues) and a little bit of experimental Revenge to add to some I already have in the hopes that there might be enough to make something for the rapidly growing Tiny Prince of Wails.

I'm thinking hat and mittens with actual thumbs, as the Tiny Prince ain't a baby any more!

She's been at the Sock Summit, but she'll be adding to that Etsy page. If you like your socks to be unique, Rabbitworks works! Hop on over.

Ellen sent me these balls of Patons Astra that I plan to combine with some other Astra (it's a DK weight acrylic) into a pair of fair isle-cuffed socks/slippers. This gift was a bit of serendipity as I have several tiny bits of Astra, but nothing "dark for contrast."

Thanks, Ellen! I can move forward now without a trip anywhere that I might be tempted to replenish the stash (as if it needs it)!

I'll start that fair entry soon!

And here's my birthday gift to myself.

Two pounds (!) of silk/merino handpainted semi-solids. It was a genuine bargain and the price is what really got me over my yarn-buying slump.

Yes, I know that I don't need more yarn, but that's never stopped me in the past.

I love this stuff. It feels wonderful and I'm sure it will make up into many wonderful accessories.

And no. I really didn't need it, but sometimes we all need to give in to the wants.

Progress! I really concentrated on fair entries today. The little sweater is almost nearly finished. I need about 4 more cable repeats, then the cabled ribbing, about 48 more rounds, total. Yes, I am counting. I haven't timed a round, though so it hasn't reached the obsession point --yet.

The stocking is looking promising as well. There's a snowman applique that goes on the front. I'll suspend knitting on the leg long enough to make the snow-body so I can see if it's possible to shorten the thing just a tad.

Dark blue for a Christmas stocking? Wait. Really, wait! It's quite cute. You'll see.

Meanwhile, it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. That will keep us indoors, though the lawn, oh, the lawn, hasn't been mowed in two weeks. It looks pretty bad.

And the weeds, oh, the weeds, haven't been addressed all summer.

And we will not speak about the shrubbery. At All.

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