Friday, August 14, 2009

Really Big Feet

However late, I do eventually jump on most bandwagons!

Witness the Fiber Trends Felt Clogs.

Was this a "fun knit?" No, I don't think so. The yarn (Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride --Periwinkle and a dark burgundy) was a gift from a wool-allergic Imaginary Friend. I was pretty sure that I had enough.

It was damned close!

Originally, I planned for burgundy cuffs but had to rework the first one when it became painfully obvious even to me that the second outer sole was going to be striped if I didn't rip off the cuff and reuse that yarn.

When I finally finished, I was left with a couple of snippets of burgundy and a ball of periwinkle the size of a golf ball.

The knitting itself wasn't difficult, but required attention. This is not what I would call mindless knitting.

Tomorrow, I'll throw them in the washer (in a pillowcase--I learned that lesson the hard way!) and felt them to size.

Did I mention that I've always wanted a pair of these clogs for myself?

Eight entries (4 of them at least started) and 13 days to go!

And in distressing news on a medical front, I had the therapy "device" implanted on Wednesday and removed today after a CT scan revealed that there wasn't enough buffering tissue between the implant and the skin to allow the procedure to continue safely.

I am really saddened by this. bummed out, in fact. It means that radiation will take 6 weeks (daily, M-F) instead of one as we had originally hoped.


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