Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Drive By Blog

Two sorta days off (I had a class yesterday morning, remember?) and I was able to stick a fork in 3 more entries.

Witness, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Other (as in "Not Plastic Canvas). This is a Jean Greenhowe pattern. I like him. Her, not so much.

Red Heart.

Toy, Knitted. From 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders ed. by Judith Durant.

Someday, I'll learn to read pattern directions. That will save ripping time!

Yarn is Patons Chunky Cotton that was a gift a while back.

It's called Bedtime Buddy, but in this cotton yarn, it could be BathtimeBuddy except that it would take years to dry after a bath.

I didn't bother to block. No time to dry.

The pink baby blankie. Corners finished with knotted i-cord.

Couldn't wrap my mind around the knitted-on lace border. Gave up. Did i-cord instead.

Here's how it looks in all its glory. Approximately 30"X36" which is an okay size for carseat covering. With more time, I'd have made it bigger.

The fair looms large, with 60 hours until the drop-deadline for turning in entries and I am down to one single last entry to complete. I should be able to finish it after work tonight.

No photo of that here. You'll need to be patient. I need to learn another technique on the fly to finish it.

Or, I'll need to punt!

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You're amazing to get that many things done that close to fair time, woman!
Hi Ann,

Are you sure your coming up for air and water, once in a while?
Your Fair Entries are just so cute, they even take my mind off my troubles.

I hope you will win a lot of Ribbons, good work Ann.

I really like the pink blanket. It will be a lucky little girl who gets it.
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