Saturday, August 01, 2009

Productive Week

In anticipation of Turning Sixty (which I do sometime around noon today), I have been offering sage (hah!) advice all week. Some has been gleaned from years of experience, other was blatantly stolen. It matters not. It's all good stuff. ::coff::

Anyway, I've also been cranking out the fair entries, and even so, I'm getting a bit concerned about what isnot finished - - -yet.

But we're not here to talk about my shortcomings (I hope). Let's talk successes!

Here's a Child Cap, knitted which I think came out pretty well. (It probably won't be big enough for the intended wearer, which is probably okay since he probably won't wear it anyway.)

Yarn is Patons Classic Wool, Denim Marl. Pattern is from Fully Wooly. There's a kid sweater there as well that I have my eye on.

And no matter what you might think, this is not a Christmas ornament.

It is a Winter Bauble. A Solstice Decoration.

The recipient does not celebrate Christmas. But he'd like to play in snow. Sadly (not really), he lives where it doesn't (snow).

So he will have to make do with a tiny Mr. or Mrs. Snowman, Other (as in Not Plastic Canvas or Ceramic). I'll mail it in time for the holiday he celebrates.

Yarn: some sort of leftover pompadour baby weight sparkly stuff and Red Heart sport. Pattern: On a Wing and a Prayer.

And bringing up the rear: Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, Other (see above).

Lightly felted after knitting and stuffing, yarn is some sort of Shetland stuff from that bin over there (the only white yarn in the place that's likely to felt at all), some Brown Sheep Naturespun leftover (the top hat) some turquoise cotton leftovers from Elann (might be Sonata??) and some sparkly stuff that was part of the Great Goodwill Haul of early spring. (I cut it close on that one. There was about 1' left when I finished.)

The pattern was at the Knit Picks website. Don't know if it's still there.

The two blankies are still in production and I have cast on a Child Sweater. Eleven entries to complete; 26 days to do it! ::eep::

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You can do it! (and those are cute). Happy birthday, too.
Many many happy returns of the day!!

Very cute Winter Solstice things. Are they for the fair? I love your Things I've learned too. Lots of wisdom there.

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Ann! You don't believe in cutting it close on fair entries at all, do you?
Happy, Happy Birthday Ann. I have enjoyed your "things I've learned posts". Hope you have a womderful birthday and many more.

As usual, I remain in awe of your knitting. All of the stuff looks great.

Kathy the frugal one
Beautiful things Ann! Your HB cake is on the BB. :) Just read your whole blog... sorry to learn of your health issues. Sending hugs & good vibes!
Hugs, Nan from *P
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