Monday, August 17, 2009

how Could I Forget?

I finished this cute pair of little girl socks yesterday, took a picture, then promptly forgot to post

Bad, Sheepie!

They are not of the warm variety. No, the yarn is Patons Astra (100% ack) in a variety of colors. Pattern was suggested by Child's Fair Isle Cuff Socks in Vogue Knitting OTG Socks 2.

The cuffs don't fold down, because I was certain (rightly so) that I would run out of yarn before I ran out of second sock.

This is a Debbie Bliss design and another head scratcher. The cuff is knitted flat then seamed.

What is up with that?

And all three sizes start with the same big honkin' cuff. The only difference is in the length of the foot.

Ah, well.

I cast on for the Santa Ornament, so (if you are keeping score) six entries (including 3 officially started) and eleven days to go. ::eep::


Ann, the little socks are very pretty. It is really wonderful that you are able to make such beautiful
knitted things,at this difficult time.
take good care of yourself. Rita
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