Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Update

With less than 3 weeks left to complete fair entries, I find myself in pretty much the same situation as last week. Ten entries to finish, but less time to finish them.

So rather than a concerted push to finish what is already started, I did what any normal (definition, please) knitter would do--I started some more stuff!

Left to right (sort of): The blue laprobe at roughly 28" X 30" or "closing in on the finish line." (I'm shooting for 36-40" square plus an i-cord edging.)

The taupe colored blob is a child's cabled sweater. The color is Malt (a heathery grayed brown with flecks of other colors). The Yarn is Encore DK, the pattern from Kids to Grown-Ups Seamless Sweaters by Mary Rich Goodwin. I'm making a size 4 and have just the body from the armpit down to finish.

The red and navy is the start of a Chrismas stocking--Nicki Epstein-inspired. I'm knitting in the applied (as in stitched on after the fact) i-cord and making some other accomodations to the need for mindless.

The pink mitered blankie is at the same point where you last saw it. It will become this week's car- and lunchtime-knitting.

So there you have it, Four projects in the works. Six projects unstarted ; 19 days to go.


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