Sunday, August 02, 2009

And Some Stuff Happened

The Other Half and I had outdoor plans for this afternoon/evening. They involved a lot of little kids and a playground program "celebration" and a bunch of other Rotarians. This morning, we awoke to downpour.

By 11, both the Celebration and the Rain Date were canceled. Bonus evening! I'll take it.

Finished another entry today. Nothing too special about this Adult Cap, Knitted. The pattern is in Homespun Handknit.

(There was a clue in the photo. Did you spot it?)

The yarn is not homespun (or handspun to divorce it from that stuff of the same name). It's not even a natural fiber (unless you consider petroleum to be natural).

Yarn is Caron Simply Soft (Dark Country Blue) and Brunswick Windrush (Ecru). Both yarns are very vintage from two different sources.

One more entry finished!

The laprobe is looking a tad bigger thanks to some serious car knitting. This is turning into a sampler of pooling, isn't it?

This will be my mindless project for the week. I have plans for a couple of other pieces. Yarn is purchased, I just need to get cracking.

Twenty-five days and 10 entries (3 or 4* of them started) to go.

*One sock cuff is partially completed. I dislike both the pattern and the yarn, so I may start another Adult Socks, Slippers, Knitted. In something softer. And fluffier.


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