Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Day, All the Way

A relaxing [?] Sunday, mostly, as I plunged headlong into finishing the last four::eep:: entries for the fair.

For those of you keeping score, they are: Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Other (eyes left to see progress on those), Mr. OR Mrs. Claus, Other (not started, thinking of ideas), Toy, knitted (also not started, but I know what I'll make)

and Infant carriage/crib cover, Knit.

This one needs about 1/2 of the edging completed (piece of cake), though I abandoned the knitted -on lace edging about 3" in. I'll save that technique for when the clock isn't ticking quite so loudly.

Everything is due at the fairgrounds by 6 PM on Friday. That gives me something like 96 hours if I sleep-knit the whole time.

And on a health note: Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, both here on the blog and in my email. I cannot express how much it means to hear from all of you, and especially those of you who are survivors. I will keep you posted on decisions and struggles.

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