Saturday, July 04, 2009

Is it Only Saturday?

It sure feels as though it should be Sunday here in the US of A, doesn't it?

With the holiday falling on a Saturday, many of us got Friday as our Holiday Day Off. That made for a 3-day weekend, and, at least for me, a 3-day workweek.

I could get used to this!

And to celebrate, I had Finished Object Friday a day early! W00T!

Here's the center-out throw that I've been working on seemingly forever. All done and with the ends woven in. It isn't blocked yet, but it will be before it's entered in this year's fair.

The colors blend nicely with our living room furniture and rug.

Patons Decor in a color called Sand Castle. Bought it at Smiley's, where else?

I used just slightly under 10-100 g. balls for a 60" (about) square. The entry specs call for 60"X72" max. I really didn't feel like pushing the envelope with a 65" square (approximately the same area) so stopped at 56" and added on a border.

The knitted-on border was supposed to be a lacy edging, but I just couldn't get my mind around how to do that.

I might try again on a washcloth at some point, but not for this year's entries.

I had all my stitches bunched together on a 60" circular needle by the time the throw was at 56".

Working with the active stitches still on the circular needle, this edging was applied counter-clockwise by casting on 10 stitches on an 8" dpn, then knitting across 9 and knitting the last stitch together with a stitch from the edge of the throw. Each WS row is knit across on 10, each RS row is knit 9, k2 together.

The corners were accomplished with short rows. When I got to the marker for each corner, I knit 9, k 2 tog, turn, k 10. Next row, k 9, turn, k9, next rown k8, turn, etc. until I k 1, turn, k1.

Next row (RS) was a k 9, k 2 tog, and work the edging for the next straight side.

The border alone was almost 15,000 stitches. ::whew::

But it's finished and another fair entry is tucked away in the bin, waiting for a good warm bath and a block.

The Tiny Prince isn't here this weekend. ::sigh::

And I'll leave you with this "Saturday Picture" of the Tiny Prince enjoying his very own Sour Apple Slushie because Mammo is happy to share, but sharing spit wasn't in the contract I signed.


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Delurking to compliment you on that gorgeous afghan! Nice job!
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