Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Know What This Looks Like

But it really is a potholder, or "panhandler," if you prefer. The other half looked at it and snickered. Then I added the leaves.

He snickered again and said that it still looks like that but also like Sideshow Bob.

Stranded knitting that goes against everything that you know. You are instructed in one version to draw the strands up tight (and indeed, that is what you need to do in order to make it work).

Pattern here. Accept no substitutes! I found "the pattern" on another website and large bits were missing from the cut and paste. But then, the original (my printout is dated 2001) is missing crucial bits as well.

Here's the inside. See what I mean?

This was not a fun knit, but I knocked one more off the list.

15 to go. In 33 days.


And here it is in use. Look at the photo sideways and you'll see what made the OtherHalf giggle. No wait, you don't need to turn it, do you?

I think the next one, I'll use some Indian corn colored variegated yarn.

That's assuming that there is a next one.



I think you need to make a Sideshow Bob just for the Other Half! Beth
I have that pattern somewhere around here, I know I do. What it did to my poor hands made the other half "forbid" me to make any more!
This was just what my Monday needed! Especially the thought of it in Indian Corn colors. giggle
My verification was u to us.

Berta in Texas

PS Mitten photos coming as soon as I figure out new laptop.
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