Friday, July 24, 2009

Full Court Press

I gave the baby blanket my full attention for a week and this is how far I got. ::le sigh::

The individual mitered squares take a motivated knitter (that would be me) a weeknight evening's TV watching (about 90 minutes) to complete. I've finished 10 of 25 (40%) plus there's an edging to do.

I've decided to put it and the blue Laprobe aside for a week (except for travel knitting) and concentrate on smaller items.

Tonight, I wasted spent a good bit of the evening going through various books looking for inspiration.

I set aside patterns and started interviewing balls of yarn in the hopes that the right candidates would emerge.

This week, I'll work on small projects and knock out a couple more entries, mittens, hats, a potholder.

Then I'll force myself get back to the two bigger projects (the blankies) the following week. The fair looms. Thirty-four days until I turn in my finished objects.

For the last several years, I have taken a week off in August to get ready for the fair. That won't be happening this year. Life, it seems has gotten in the way.

I will be spending most of August undergoing various medical procedures to prevent recurrance of a very early stage carcinoma that was discovered and removed in stages over the last couple months. I've had mammograms, ultrasounds, a biopsy and two surgeries. Next up: radiation.

This has been weighing heavily on my mind. I have been assured that this cancer--there, I've typed it!--is not likely fatal, that the chance of recurrance is minimal, and that the radiation that I will be undergoing will lessen even that small chance.

That doesn't make it any easier, folks.

I am not the kind of person to obsess over my health. When something turns up, I address it, treat it, and move on. This is dragging way too long for me. I'm tired; I'm discouaged.

Mid August, I will begin this treatment for 5 days. It sounds pretty benign (bad, bad pun) when you read the description, but I have seen the instrument of torture device that will be implanted and heard the protocol and frankly, I'm a little concerned about this. Inflated, that sucker's about the size of a golf ball. Washing my hair in the kitchen sink? For ten days? Really? (Read between the lines--no showers!)

Please let ths be the last of it!

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You know for sure that my fingers, toes and eyes will be crossed during the entire procedure.
Mine, too! Even if you have to "go light" on the fair entries this year, it will be worth tackling this and being DONE with it. Sending up good thoughts from MN that all goes well (and quickly).
Ann, I'm beaming the juju from the west, in all hopes that this will be a relatively easy process, and you'll be done with it quickly. It's great that it will be over and done with, and you can move on with the good stuff!
I am sorry you are having to endure this disease, the treatment and the mental stress of it all. Brachytherapy is known to be quite successful.
Sending up prayers for your recovery.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this treatment. I know how it wears on you since I've been seeing my sister through her battle with endometrial cancer, chemo, etc.

Now that you have completed more of the pink blankie, I'd say it is definitely more girly than the blue one.

Some time ago you sent me some yarn which I said I'd knit up into chemo hats. Progress report: 1 hat completed and second one started. I take it with me to outdoor band concerts and knit as long as I have light.
Oh Ann! I am sorry to read that yet another family has been touched by cancer. You have been in my thoughts and prayers since I first read the words "medical issues" on your blog. I know well the stress that goes along with the cancer battle and the feelings of helplessness with all the tests and such that out of your control.

Praying for positive results for you as you deal with all of this. You've caught it early and you're a strong person. If anyone can beat this you can.

Keep me posted, I care.

Kathy, the frugal one
Thank you for finally letting us know what's going on. I know this is not what you'd choose, at all, but my imagination had run into far grimmer scenarios. I will do my best to send healing energy your way. (And at least your hair is already short! Makes the kitchen sink a little less challenging. . .)
Dear Ann,

I hope that everything is going well for you and that you can get home soon to reccuperate SP? I have not had a good year and a half and hope now with the next surgery my fourth I will have some piece from so much doctores and hospitals. I am only telling you this so you feel that you have company. Hugs and Kisses, Rita
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