Friday, July 10, 2009

Finished Another

This just in: Another O is F!

The category? Cushions and Pillows-Knitted.

I debated posting this picture. I don't think the intended victim recipient reads the blog. At least not often. In any event, s/he is unlikely to connect this bolster with Christmas, seeing that the holiday is forever away at the moment.

The particulars: Pattern is my own, a compilation pattern ideas of several bolster covers, some from a couple of oop Hayfield "novelty knits" booklets, an old Knitting Digest, and a Vogue KOTG book. None met my needs entirely, so I decided to wing it. I knew I didn't want a seam.

The pattern stitch is from Traditional Knitting Patterns compiled by James Norbury, a Dover reprint of a (c)1962 book. My pattern is called Peterhead and is named after a small town in Scotland.

It's knit in the round on a 16" circular needle (size 7) to fit a purchased 14" bolster form.

The yarn is Plymouth Encore (acrylic/wool blend) for washability and the whole cover is removable for washing. Color #256 if anyone is trying to duplicate my effort.

The "recipe":

Cast on enough stitches to fit onto the circular needle and also to fit the boster form. In this case, it was 90. Join. Place a marker for the beginning of the round.

Ends: Do some rounds of garter stitch (k 1 round, p 1 round-- I did 8). Then switch to stockinette (k every round). Knit some more rounds. I did 9. Throw in an eyelet round (k2 tog, yo around). Knit some more stockinette rounds. I did 9 more.

Main part: Find a pattern stitch that fits the number of cast on stitches. At this point you could increase or decrease a couple of stitches (perhaps as many as 5) so that the pattern fits evenly. Note: If you are using a pattern that was written for rows rather than rounds, you may not need the "plus" part of the pattern repeat (as in "multiple of X + Y") as that usually just centers the pattern on a flat field.

Work until the patterned section is as long as the length of the bolster form, then repeat the "ends" portion in reverse order, ending with the garter rounds. Bind off.

You could use ribbon or a crocheted chain to gather and close the cover. I chose to make a 12" 3-stitch i-cord. Weave your "closer" through the eyelet rounds. Pull very tight. Tie an overhand knot, then another, then a bow. Or make a shorter i-cord (maybe 6") and skip the bow.

I used about 165 g of worsted weight yarn, about 330 yards. Your mileage may vary.

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Love the pattern! It's clever and something I will have to try chez moi soon. Any particular reason you didn't use some of those gorgeous colors you love so much? Just curious. (Feel free to tell me it's none of my business.)
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