Sunday, July 05, 2009

Do the Math

I am one of those Crazy Math People.

Some of you noticed in a previous post how I managed to rationalize throwing in the towel stopping the knitting on my throw at 56" (plus border) by Doing The Math. I have carried that even further today.

Exhibit A:

Another project in the partially completed stage. (No, it isn't a sweater. At least not in the conventional sense.)

I have completed the set-up section (need another at the other end) and 3 pattern repeats(2 more needed).

A round (90 stitches) takes me a hair under 3 minutes to complete. Each pattern repeat is 20 rounds. The end section is 17 rounds.

That means I have (57 more rounds X 3 minutes)/60 minutes in an hour or just under 3 hours of knitting time (plus some i-cord, but that requires no concentration on my part). Definitely doable and certainly a lot less than the 436 hours I would estimate still needs to be done as I try to read tiny chart or my knitting or both while squinting and surfing ::coff::

Exhibit B:

My Red Scarf

I am using the Twin Rib Pattern found here because I wanted something mindless (it's relative) but classy, unisex, and non-rolling.

Scarves need to be 60" long. I am at 31" right now (more than halfway done--YES!).

Again, timing 1 row (2 minutes or thereabouts) and the number of rows per inch (7.5 or 15 for 2") tells me that I have miles to go before I sleep a little less than 7.5 hours of (relatively) mindless knitting before I can call this one finished, a fair entry, and a gift to a young man or woman who could use a pat on the back and a (gentle) shove in the right direction.

Not nearly as frustrating as thinking "only 3 more years and I'll be done."

Math--it saves the day.

And in somewhat related news, we stopped at Borders yesterday. I didn't even wander back to where the knitting books are shelved.

Shot my entire "extra cash" on 2 British knitting magazines (each came with a bonus). They are expensive compared to the domestic mags on the rack (besides, I already subscribe to the ones I want), but the designs often have an edge that is refreshing.

I doubt that I will be making anything following the patterns exactly, but I will be inspired, I am sure.

Message to "cornflower": The penguin pattern is an adaptation of a pattern in this oop Jean Greenhowe book, I believe. It's here somewhere, I know not where for sure, so cannot confirm.

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If your Borders is like my Borders, there aren't all that many knitting books on the shelves these days. A sign of the economic times when stores cut back on inventories. Your mathematical approach to WIPs is interesting, so say the least! BTW, I am working on Mittnz.
I'm halfway done Red Scarf #1 also! I love this pattern for mindless but classy:

--Elizabeth D
Love your blog!
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