Monday, June 22, 2009

We Will, We Will, ROCK You

So, the tiny chair is finished and the Tiny Prince will arrive in just 3 or 4 (depending on his Mama's work schedule) sleeps.

The paint needs a couple of tiny touch-ups where I got a little too enthusiastic with the hammer.

I think it looks pretty good.


Chair: $10

Yellow paint: 2 cans @ $3.29 (saved for another project)

Primer: 1 can @ $3.29

Orange Paint: 2 cans @ $3.29 (1 saved for another project)

Wood putty: $2.99

Sandpaper: 2 kinds: $2.99 each

Padding for the seat: $9.98

Hardware: $4

What am I forgetting?

Oh, yes.

Fabric from my stash. Part of a "rainbow" swap from years ago.

I'd venture to say that this "fat quarter" cost me more in grief and angst than the rest of the chair, materials, sweat, labor and stress.

But isn't that what swapping is all about?

Film of the Tiny Prince on his throne, coming soon to a blog near you.


Tiny Prince is going to LOVE his chair!
The chair turned out great!
It's adorable. I love the dinos.
Aww, priceless!
I love that little chair! Well done.
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