Saturday, June 13, 2009

Unfinished Business

And a bit that is finished.
The shawl that I have been working on is finally in the Finished category.

I gave it a good soak in warm water and a little Mrs. Meyers' lavendar detergent in the washer, then rinsed and spun it and spread it out on the pool table to dry.

That opened up the Feather and Fan border quite nicely.

There's no photo of it being worn. It's still quite damp.

This one will become a fair entry, then will be mine. It will replace a Homespun (LB) shawl that I made a few years ago. It's wool, you see, and thus warmer and more substantial.

I believe I will wind up donating the other. I have no need for two shawls of this heft.

Particulars: Self-"designed" pattern--garter stitch base (cast on 36, increase 1 stitch every row to about 6'), Feather and Fan (or Old Shale, if you will) edging (after adjusting the stitch count to accommodate the repeats) for about 5", go back to the "wing tips" and fill in the triangle-shaped gap with short rows. Bind off with attached i-cord.

Other objects that remain On The Needles include the throw that I am making for the living room. (The Other Half just noticed that "those colors are the same as the rug in our living room." Ya think?)

I am slowly approaching the end on this one. It's about 56" across and I want to do a border to bind it off, so I'm researching (in Victorian Lace Today and Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls) methods of doing an attached border.

Truthfully, I still have several hours of quality time to spend with this one before it's finished. One round takes 30+ minutes.

Stay tuned.

And this would be a baby sweater that has me sweating. I have enough yarn to finish it, but not enough to make the matching hat (this entry will be for "3-piece infant set-blanket, sweater, cap") so I added some solid yellow for the neck and will make the hem and sleeve edges in yellow as well. Hopefully, there will be enough of the Red Heart Soft Baby to at least trim the cap.

If not, I will be very sad, because I don't want to buy any more of this stuff!

And on a personal note: Thank you to those Gentle Readers who have left me notes regarding my health. I will know more on Monday and will share as appropriate. Fear not.


Love the shawl. It's a nice pattern. Looks like you are getting close to finishing some projects. You are a better person than I.

Sending good thoughts for your health.

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