Friday, June 26, 2009

Tiny Prince Reports In

Tiny Prince here.

Mammo and Daddo ran my wheels off.

First we stopped at the Turkey Hill so Daddo could get coffee and Mammo got me a slushie all for myself--sour green apple--YUM! except that they all laughed when I got Brain Freeze from trying to drink it too fast. "Sips," they said. Okay, I'll try.

Then, we went shopping at that big place I like where the people who sell the stuff give me lots of good things to eat.

I had cheese and a whole beef stick (Mama bought some to take home because I like them so much) and cheese, and watermelon and peach. There was probably something else, but I can't remember.

The grownups were talking about something called the Rose Garden. I don't especially care about flowers, but I heard them say "big lawn to run on" and "stream to wade in" and got pretty excited.

So we drove around looking for lunch we could take there for a picnic, but they said I was looking pretty tired and cranky so we stopped and got burgers (I had grilled cheese) then we got back in the car.

Next thing I knew it was late in the afternoon and I had Bedspread Face! No running. No wading. No fair!

But wait!

What's this?

Right here in the back yard!

Nice warm water, just my size, and 4 lifeguards to make sure I don't drown.

There were popsicles, too. And I'd still be out there turning into a prune, but it started to blow and it got really cool all of a sudden and everyone ran for the indoors because they said it was going to storm.

I really do have a swim suit, but I didn't want to wait, so they let me take off my clothes and get in the pool. Skinny dip they called it.

I just call it fun.

Better than a bath (and I like a bath--except for hair washing).

I think I'll do it again tomorrow.



When is Mammo getting in the pool WITH Tiny Prince?
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