Saturday, June 27, 2009

Run For the Roses

Today was a day devoted to fun!

Around Casa Sheepie, Saturdays are reserved for bringing food into the house to get us through the week, but since we did that on Friday this week, we were able to spend most of Saturday enjoying the parks of Allentown.

We started off by picking up sandwiches at Mama's and headed south. Of course, the pavillion was occupado with a birthday party. They did not invite us to join them.

So we staked out a spot in the shade, spread out lunch, and watched the Tiny Prince slide right into the creek--uh, oh!

Daddo shared his hat, so the Tiny Prince was happy.

We played "ball" (not "catch"--no catching was involved!)

After lunch, we stowed the picnic in the trunk of the car and walked over to the Rose Garden.

Raisins are a good snack for looking at roses.

And the beds of roses next to the grassy paths are just the right height to play Hide and Seek if you are a Prince of 19 months!

Most of the roses are passing their prime, but it's still a lovely place to spend the afternoon.

The aroma is heady.

(Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

There was a wedding.

The Rose Garden is a prime spot for after-wedding photos, but this couple was here for the vows.

Pretty people, all dressed up.

They did not invite us to join them, either.

Since we weren't invited to the main event, we wandered over to the "Old Fashioned Garden" end and crashed a nature photography class. There were lots of people taking pictures of the flowers.

Clearly, they weren't aware of the Tiny Prince's celebrity status.

Good thing! The paparazzi can be so annoying.

Home again, home again, a quick (skinny) dip in the pool, supper, and another day ends.


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